Public School Employees of Washington, SEIU/Local 1948

Public School Employees of Washington SEIU Local 1948 is a labor union dedicated to representing classified educational support professionals in Washington State’s public education system. Our 28,000 members play a vital role in the operation of early learning, K-12 and universities throughout the state.

No other labor organization in Washington represents educational support professionals with the power and might of PSE SEIU Local 1948. We are constantly working on the front lines to improve the quality of our public education system and to gain better recognition for those women and men who often work behind the scenes to help our students succeed.

It is the vision of PSE SEIU Local 1948 to provide services, programs, and activities to achieve a leadership position in representing all educational support professionals. We will support the membership through collective bargaining and the protection of those rights. Our goal is to build a stronger union by providing union leadership training to members and by encouraging membership growth. We will work with State and Federal Legislators in an effort to enact laws which will represent the best interest of all classified educational support professionals. As a result, PSE, our employees, our members, the educational communities in which we work, and communities in which we live, will grow and prosper.